Borg Consulting Services:

There is no one size fits all on the arena of sustainable investor and business practice. The term «sustainable» covers a wide range of issues and there is an inherent risk that it becomes vague and unhelpful. The starting point therefore is to translate what long-term, sustainable investor or business conduct means in a concrete context. All advice given by Borg Consulting will be bespoke and suited to the individual entity and its needs.

Services for asset owners and asset managers

  • Facilitate

    Facilitating dialogue between asset owners and asset managers on methods of incorporating long-term, wider societal issues in the investment process.

  • Advise

    Advising asset owners and asset managers on which tools to deploy as part of a sustainable investment agenda.

  • Assist

    Advising and assisting asset owners in their dialogue with stakeholders (constituents, NGO’s, media, governmental bodies).

  • Train

    Training pension fund trustees in responsible investment (RI) with a focus on why and how RI is relevant to the core task of securing long-term financial returns.

Services for companies

  • Help

    Helping to define business ethics standards suited to core business operations that will resonate with long-term oriented asset owners.

  • Advise

    Advising on content of dialogue with investors relating to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is not one thing. It has many forms. But if it is going to make sense and to achieve what is intended, sustainability needs to be part of the core asset management business. A key element to making that happen, is to systematically incorporate wider societal issues, including physical, social and regulatory global megatrends that will affect companies’ future performance, in the investment process. This is not easily done, because traditional financial analysis does not, or to very little extent, take wider issues into account. One also has to bear in mind that there are different styles of investing and different asset classes, which will require different forms of sustainability lens.

Asset owners, in particular institutional investors and Sovereign Wealth Funds, are under increasing pressure to secure financial returns and to demonstrate that long-term factors are integrated into the investment process in a credible and systematic manner. In parallel, there is an increasing expectation of transparency and reporting. Adding the recent legal initiatives redefining good stewardship for institutional investors, there is a powerful mix of factors that will affect the way these investors do asset management and it will affect which companies they look to invest in.

Borg Consulting has a unique knowledge to advise long-term oriented asset owners, their asset managers and the companies they invest in, in this transition.

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