“It has been my privilege to work with Valborg directly for nearly three years. Her combination of intellect, wisdom, and passion for sustainability is rare in my experience, and continues to add huge value to our work here at Inflection Point.“

Matthew Kiernan, CEO and Founder of Inflection Point Capital Management

“Valborg is an inspiration who has the “gold dust” ability to get things done in the sustainable finance & responsible investment field. Her record as a driving force on RI as a former official with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance continues today at Borg Consulting. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to work with Valborg these past ten years.”

Paul Clements-Hunt, Founding Partner of The Blended Capital Group

“Valborg has been tireless in her support, sage advice and expertise for Mwezi’s work in Kenya. Her rare combination of skill and expertise in the sustainable finance and responsible investment field has been invaluable.”

Mike Sherry, Director, Mwezi Limited